Dr. Jyoti Kiran

Dr. Jyoti Kiran

Dr. Jyoti Kiran is an economist & academic of national repute trained at premier institutes like the University of Rajasthan, Delhi School of Economics and the University of Huddersfield (UK). A Ph.D in Economics and a specialist on employment, development policy and finance, she has researched and written extensively on economic policy, development, gender and finance. One of her major specialization relates to Economics of Urban Development and she has worked extensively on Urban Finance.

She has been appointed as the first ever woman Chairperson of the State Finance Commission. Under her chairmanship the commission has worked extensively on the structural reforms in the field of devolution mechanism and finances of the Local Bodies and Panchayat. She taught at reputed institutes like NIT Nagpur for about 13 years and later worked in leadership positions in management institutes as Dean and Director.

Apart from being a professor & a researcher, she has been an honorary advisor to various ministries under the Central Government ranging from Ministry of Rural Development, Ministry of Human Resource Development, Ministry of Women & Child Development and Ministry of Health. She is a member of the UGC standing committee on women’s studies and has worked on resource use economics and project optimization models with a social impact perspective. She has also developed econometric models on sustainable use of natural resources. Her expertise relates to the area of development issues and decision science. She is also an Independent Director in Petronet LNG Ltd., one of the premier Indian companies in the energy sector.

Her book ‘Antyodaya - Rise of the Last’ was the first ever book on ‘Antyodaya’- a novel experiment in rural development, which was published by the UNESCO (1989). An author of 4 books and about 105 research papers, she has been contributing to journals and newspapers as an analyst and columnist. Her recent paper in BRICS seminar on Innovation in Decentralised Finance was very well receipts. Her latest book “Navmatdata” was launched in Jaipur Literature Festival in 2014. An eloquent speaker- she has participated in about 1000 TV shows or in panels- latest in Outlook Speakout, India Today Conclave, Rising India Conclave, FIPPI Energy conference etc. she was also the Spokesperson of the BJP Rajasthan for about 6 years.

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